body mot

Request a full physical assessment: This is a full body assessment which assesses joint by joint range of motion, postural alignment and bio-mechanics, and level of movement control. 


Best for: Diagnosis of movement dysfunction, guidance on treatment measures and training solutions. 

remote training

Request Remote Training: This is access to online training programmes tailored to your needs individually, accessible from your phone and computer.

Best for: If you prefer to train alone but would benefit from structure and a second set of eyes to help stay on track and break training plateaus.


1-to-1 coaching

Request 1-to-1 Coaching: This is 1-to-1 treatment and coaching from myself. 



Best for: If you prefer to be guided in person, or if you work better with someone else there to get the best out of you! 1-to-1 allows you to learn and gain as much information as possible as we both work together to get the most out of each session to fix and forge new capabilities.