About The Movement Project

The Movement Project is the collective title for the rehabilitation and strength & conditioning services as provided by Licensed Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer,  Stu Slater.


It attempts to draw greater attention towards our movement being both assessed and trained not just a product of our strength, conditioning and biomechanics, but also as a product of Human beings functioning as sense orientated organisms.



It aims to create greater harmony between therapy and training whilst providing educational insights, as well as a fresh look at how we can fix, strengthen and improve our bodies.

If you have felt that you want more out of your training, to incorporate exercise that provides greater physical fixes alongside improved aesthetics, or if you would like to take up training that increases our joints capabilities and longevity alongside greater movement integrity for years to come, then this would be a great place to start. 


With these goals in place, let’s move forward together and elevate our basic ability to self maintain, self regulate and self improve the mechanics of our movement to live and perform to our full potential.


Hi I'm Stu Slater and welcome to The Movement Project! My vision is to pull together the world of rehab with the world of performance utilising the inherent galvanising power of bodyweight training as its core focus.


The aim is to produce human beings that are stronger, more self maintainable and more self medicated through the power of the body alone, movement and mindset. 

In 2013 I left the Royal Marines to pursue a career in helping people remove pain, recover injury, rebuild bodies and reform their understanding of movement.

The aim for me is to showcase and establish how rehab and strength training are one and the same thing. Like the very tissues that bind us which seamlessly blend from muscle to tendon to bone, rehab, strength training and performance are part of the exact same unbroken continuum. 


My role is to provide you the tools to recover with more success and to move with more  effect.

The aim for The Movement Project is to provide the next step and new setting in the rehabilitation, strength and wellness saga.



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